Understanding Valuation Protection

If your goods or belongings are damaged during the moving process, the moving company will pay for the losses. California government valuation laws are followed for local moves within California.

Like most other licensed moving companies across California, we provide basic valuation during the move process, which is about $0.60 per item.

The total amount of valuation is determined by the weight of the item. This means that a two-pound bag of flour and a two-pound bag of gold are valued at the same rate of $0.60. If your item or belonging is worth more than this rate, you should buy additional valuations so that you are not at a loss if an unexpected event occurs and your goods are damaged. You can also go for purchasing Moving insurance.

From where should you get moving insurance?

If you do not have your goods covered already, we recommend you purchase a policy from an outside third-party insurance company. We can help you get in touch with reliable insurance companies. Do not hesitate to give us a call.

Importance of certificate of insurance

If you plan to move your apartment or office down the street or across California, you will need a Certificate of Insurance. Before moving to the new place, confirm whether a certificate is required or not with the new building manager. If it is required, we will be more than happy to provide you one. Just contact us and leave the rest on us.

Choose Everlasting moving- A reliable mover company

If an unexpected event occurs during your move, no amount of insurance will be able to replace the beautiful memories of your grandparents that you had captured in old photographs.

This is why you should choose a reliable mover company, provides safety and protection, and has a great reputation.

Everlasting Moving has all three of these qualities and will ensure your memories and belongings are kept secure and safe during your move.

Have any questions and queries about our insurance policy? Do not hesitate to ask! Call us at the company’s number (408) 833-2666.

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