While moving to different locations can be an exciting and thrilling prospect, the daunting nature presents itself when deciding how infrastructure- home or office equipment, automobiles, etc.- is to be moved from one location to the other.

With Everlasting Movers, the citizens of California can bury these worries away for good. Offering our services in different locations ranging from Fremont to Santa Clara, San Jose, and Union City, amongst others within California, we have cemented ourselves as the most effective and trustworthy moving service provider.

Our various city providers also cater to the needs specific to moving into particular locations and allow for a smooth process of moving into new surroundings without the accompanying stress of a lack of awareness and preparation.

Whether it be labor services, boxing services, auto-mobile shipping, or concierge services to ease the transition, movers can be assured of the safety of their infrastructure and a streamlined process of moving in.


You have just settled into one of the states, and you are excited to begin a new venture there. But there is only one daunting aspect haunting you: How will you move to your new city? Well, don’t worry, Everlasting Moving has got you covered! Having moved many happy customers to their destinations, we guarantee you exceptional service and a cost-effective price.

Santa Clara

Moving can undoubtedly be a difficult time and one that requires effort and energy. If you’re moving to Santa Clara or planning to move out, Everlasting Moving Company, Santa Clara, has got you covered! Having gained happy customers and exceptional reviews in the past, we guarantee you that your valuables will be moved with versatile service and reasonable prices.

Mountain View

Moving can be a stressful job, regardless of whether you are moving to Mountain View or planning to move out. And you must have questioned yourself: How will I move to a new city? And which moving companies near me should I choose? No need to panic, our Mountain View movers is here to your rescue.


Are you moving into or out of Milpitas and looking for local moving companies? Well, look no further; Everlasting Moving is now at your disposal! With a record of exceptional customer service and top-notch facilities, we guarantee a stress-free and full-service movement of your valuables.

San Jose

Are you moving into San Jose or are you planning to move out for a business venture or are you worried about which San Jose moving company to choose for your relocation? Well, bring your search to an end. Our movers in San Jose can help you relocate with ease and safety.

Palo Alto

There is nothing like the feeling of moving into a new place. It can be sad to leave behind familiarity, but a sense of excitement and adventure comes with moving somewhere new. The idea of meeting new people and decorating your new space making it your own.

Redwood City

Moving is an exciting prospect: new places, new people, and new experiences. The only thing that is not so exciting is the actual process of moving. The effort and stress that goes into packing away your life into boxes and then making sure they reach your new place, undamaged.

Menlo Park

Moving is both a daunting and thrilling process. The idea of starting a brand-new chapter in life, gaining experience, growing your circle all sounds exhilarating. Of course, there is the fear of the unknown and learning to adjust to an environment. It is a lot to handle.

Union City

Have you been so occupied with managing everything that goes into moving that you forgot the actual moving part? With everything involved in moving from one place to another, it can be easy to forget that there is packing to be done. If you have forgotten, you may need to call movers.


It is not until moving time is well and truly upon you that you realize how much work there is to be done. With all the other things that come with moving, it can be easy to forget how packing and moving need to be done when moving.

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