You have just settled into one of the states, and you are excited to begin a new venture there. But there is only one daunting aspect haunting you: How will you move to your new city? Well, don’t worry, Everlasting Moving has got you covered! Having moved many happy customers to their destinations, we guarantee you exceptional service and a cost-effective price.

Just one call, and you will be in touch with some of the best movers in your local area. Distances don’t matter for us, and we’ll carry out that arduous task for you without complaint. So why not choose the best for yourself? Choose Everlasting Moving for a 5-star, carefree, and full-service move.

Services Offered

As Fremont movers, Everlasting Moving provides you with a range of top-notch services, making us one of the best moving companies in Fremont, CA

Residential Movement

Moving a home anywhere is not an easy job, and we are here to help. We understand that you will need honest Freemont movers when handing over your furniture and your valuables, and let us tell you: We are one dependable moving company.

Our professionals strictly follow customer-friendly principles, ensuring that your items are transported with the utmost delicacy, care, and safety. You wouldn’t even need to worry about the transportation of your luggage. We are someone you can always count on! Since you will need accredited movers with dedicated and honest professionals, choose our full-service movers in Fremont, CA.

Commercial Movement

Of all the movements, the commercial movement has to be the most strenuous of all. Moving an office requires speed and efficiency: two of our major qualities. By choosing Everlasting Movement, you will be selecting a well-known relocation professional in Fremont. Be it full-service or labor-only office relocation, we, as Fremont movers, will adjust our service offerings by your wants.

Prioritize your satisfaction and schedule a move with us today! Your business is our priority, and we’ll keep all your problems away by ensuring an on-time, error-free, and effective commercial relocation.

Moving and shifting can be a tiring process, mentally and physically. You are constantly asking yourself questions like, ‘What moving company should I choose?’, ‘What services are they going to provide?’. If you are moving to Fremont, we highly recommend you to choose Everlasting Moving; below is the list of services we offer.

Furniture Dis-assembly/Re-assembly

We will take full responsibility and care of your furniture. Our team will cautiously disassemble, and professional shrink wrap your furniture and securely transport it to your new place, where our team will re-assemble and place your furniture as you wish.

Packing and Un-packing

Our team will help with packing all kinds of your stuff, including clothes, bags, groceries, luxury items, decoration pieces, etc. We will use appropriate packaging and transport gear; for example, wardrobe boxes will be used for clothing items. Blanket shrink wrap, mattress covers, and wrapping paper for fragile items will also be available. Dollies and hand trucks will be used for transportation.

Interstate Movement

You love living in the Bay Area, but at times family and work requirements may cause you to move to another state. Now that requires a lot of effort and energy. Everlasting Moving will prove the best Fremont movers for your job.

We will offer you versatile services, with reasonable prices and qualified professionals to cater to your relocation demands to the best of our abilities. While moving from one state to another may seem like a huge, impossible task, we promise to make it a never-forgetting adventure for you.


Choose our Fremont movers to plan your move for you. You will not be disappointed by the plethora of services our Fremont movers have to offer for you. If you’re interested in learning more about our price models and our Fremont services, feel free to contact Everlasting Moving Companies Fremont.

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