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Service Overview

Are you searching for a long-distance moving company in California? Your search comes to an end today because Everlasting Moving is about to become your go-to moving company. Let us make your long-distance move easy and fun. With the best packing, storage, and unpacking services coupled with unmatched customer service and professional movers, you can now move with peace of mind.

After gaining many years of experience and serving thousands of clients, Everlasting Moving has developed a smooth moving process that makes it a comfortable experience for you. We expertly tackle long distance moves, no matter how long of a move it is. Our combination of training, professionalism, and dedication helps us provide a hassle-free moving experience. We make an overwhelming process much less daunting for you and your family. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help make your next move less stressful.

How Does It Work?

Step 1:

Contact Everlasting Moving. We'll call you back and inform you of our policies, packages, and services.

Step 2:

Our movers plan out your move to ensure moving day is as easy and efficient as possible

Step 3:

Relax knowing that, on the day of your move, Everlasting Moving will pack, move, and unpack all of your belongings with care.


We respond to all messages and questions as soon as possible. We hate making our clients wait, which is why our professionals are always on alert to any incoming questions and messages.



At Everlasting Moving, we understand that nothing can replace your precious belongings that carry memories. This is why we carry out every move with responsibility and care to make sure all your belongings safely reach your new place.


We are the best movers in California because we are reliable and work with the utmost care. You can trust us with your belongings, and we will make sure all your belongings are moved with care.

Benefits of Our Service

We are one of the best moving companies because we are determined to provide our clients with the best moving services possible. The professionals at Everlasting Moving are experienced, well-trained, and focused on moving your home quickly, efficiently, and safely - no matter how far away you're moving.

Who is the best long distance moving company in California?

  • Everlasting Moving is the best long distance moving company if you’re based in California.

Is Everlasting Moving an affordable moving company?

  • Yes, Everlasting Moving is the cheapest long distance moving company if you’re based in California.

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