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Palo Alto, CA

There is nothing like the feeling of moving into a new place. It can be sad to leave behind familiarity, but a sense of adventure comes with moving somewhere new. As fun as it is, the process of packing and moving your things is stressful; especially if the place you’re moving to is as exciting as Palo Alto. This is where Everlasting Moving comes in; our job is to pack and move your things to and/or from Palo Alto safely and efficiently. There are many companies you can look into to help you with your move, but Everlasting Moving is the best in the business. We will pack and transport your belongings efficiently and safely and take the stress out of your move.

Our team goes through a careful and precise packing process. Wardrobe boxes are used for garments, blankets, shrink wraps, and mattress covers are used to protect flooring, walls, and furniture. Bubble wrap is used for fragile items. Furniture is disassembled and reassembled to make moving easier. Dollies and hand trucks are used to carry heavy stuff. We've moved hundreds of families and businesses, you can trust that we know what we're doing.


Additional Services


We offer a storage service for people who may need to keep store belongings before, after, or during a move. We will keep your things safe until you come back for them. Our storage facility is safe and affordable – only pay for the space your items occupy.

Furniture Dis/Reassembly

We will completely and carefully disassemble and reassemble any furniture as needed. Once disassembled, the item will be wrapped in shrink wrap before being transported to its new home. We will then reassemble the item and place it wherever you want.

Packing & Unpacking

Our team will help you pack up your home or business as needed. For clothing items, wardrobe boxes will be used. Mattresses will be covered with a mattress cover to keep them clean, and fragile items will be carefully wrapped with bubble wrap.

Everlasting Moving

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