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Redwood City, CA

Moving is an exciting prospect: new places, new people, and new experiences. The only thing that is not so exciting is the actual process of moving. The effort and stress that goes into packing away your life into boxes and then making sure they reach your new place, undamaged, is immeasurable. To avoid all of this, contact us, Everlasting Moving. We offer several services catered to making your moving journey as fun and relaxing as possible. Our team of professionals will ensure they meet your needs with extreme care and expertise.


What You'll Get With Us:

  • Complete packaging and unpacking

  • Furniture assembling/disassembling

  • Team of responsible professionals

  • Use of dollies and hand trucks for moving cargo

  • Use of special types of wrapping material, for example, blankets, shrink wrap, etc

  • Use of wardrobe boxes to cargo garment items

  • Use of A-grade shrink wrap for packaging furniture

BrokenSphere, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Additional Services


Everlasting Moving will keep all the belongings that you can’t or don’t wish to take with you in our warehouse. Our team will take your belongings from your residence/ business and carefully transfer them to the warehouse. They will be kept safe there until you take them back.

Furniture Dis/Reassembly

We will completely and carefully disassemble and reassemble any furniture as needed. Once disassembled, the item will be wrapped in shrink wrap before being transported to its new home. We will then reassemble the item and place it wherever you want.

Packing & Unpacking

Our team will help you pack up your home or business as needed. For clothing items, wardrobe boxes will be used. Mattresses will be covered with a mattress cover to keep them clean, and fragile items will be carefully wrapped with bubble wrap.

Everlasting Moving

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